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Win swag and an EGalley ARC of WHEN PLANETS FALL!

Hi Everyone!

Want to be one of the firsts to read WHEN PLANETS FALL? You’re in luck!

I’m about to run a giveaway for my newsletter subscribers on Wednesday! All subscribers will have access to a raffle copter link, where you can enter to win a PDF egalley (works on Kindle) of WHEN PLANETS FALL, a signed bookmark (I’ll even personalize it!), and 10 bags of custom-made cinnamon vanilla rooibos tea!

You can sip and read at the same time :)

Link goes out on Wednesday, so be sure to sign up before then!

fullsizerenderIf you forget, it’s okay! Newsletter subscribers will have another chance to win even more goodies next month.

Stay tuned for more freebies and pre-order giveaway announcements!!

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