The Blog Post With Book News!!

First, let me say I’m uber sorry for not keeping up to date with blogging. My disorder flared up and I’ve been really under the weather. Though I have been doing lots of painting! I promise to be better……and you’ll see why now!

Lemme start by dropping this photo:



!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hyperventilated screaming*

Yep!! When Planets Fall is getting published!!!!!

*Enter more screaming.* *flailing* *eating celebratory fro yo* *screaming some more*

I read the email right before I turned off the light, so I was 89% asleep. Honestly, my first thought was, aww. What a great dream. Then a couple minutes passed before I realized I hadn’t fallen asleep and This Was Real Life.

Then I started panicking, scaring my DGH (demi-god husband) with all my jumping up and down, and then woke my friend downstairs who was staying with us to shriek the news.

This is me signing the contract:


Yes, that’s Apollo in the background. Fitting only his butt made it into the photo.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am. Whenever I think that I’m going to be a published author I get all cheek-cramp smiley. It’s been such a long journey, and I’m SO EXCITED to share Breaker’s story with you :)

I’ll let you know when I find out the release date from my editor. MY EDITOR. Holy crap. Can’t believe I just said that.

More screaming.

So, what’s the darn book about? Well, it’s the first Young Adult science fiction novel in a serious, and the main character is a 19 year-old amputee named Breaker. He has seven days to fix a wrecked starship under enemy deadline to keep his little bro from fighting in a three-way war. Also: red planets, body modification, blood blood blood, guilt, funny dudes, bad dudes, and bad decisions done for right reasons.

In the meanwhile, I figure now is a great time to actually start sending out my newsletter, instead of just having the signup. Lol. So, if you want to keep abreast (gosh, what an awkward word) of bookish news—sign up here!! I’m planning to have some giveaways through it…maybe some giveaways of original art too. (You can find some prints here.)

If there’s anything you’d want to see in my newsletter (or just sounds interesting), let me know and I’ll do my best to include it.

I’m so excited. And now onto revisions to make it even better for you guys!!

17 thoughts on “The Blog Post With Book News!!”

  1. Totally awesome Abby!!!💥🎂💥😘. I want to buy a few when it gets published. Let me know babe!! Love you!! Mrs K

  2. Congratulations, Abby!!!! This is seriously so exciting! Can’t wait to read Breaker’s story. Love the pictures of you signing the contract! :-)

      1. Stop on by and read some of my blog series, A Series of Unfortunate Heartbreak. I just started them so it’s only been a few entries so far :) Based on true events! ;)

      2. I just started my blog but it’s a series based on true events! It’s a little bit of 50 Shades. I’d love your opinion!

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