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Art Reflection for Advent Week 1: Go Tell it on the Mountain

Each year during Advent, my church teaches a series based on a popular Christmas hymn. Last year, I created graphics to go along with it. They liked them so much they asked me to do it again.

This year’s hymn is Go Tell it on the Mountain. Since they are only teaching on 3 of the stanzas this time, I decided to share the graphic we’re sticking in everyone’s bulletin. (I liked how it turned out. Reminds me of Colorado.) gotellitonthemountaincardsI’m not the type of person to shove God down people’s throats. I’m just not. I was the kid who practically had a stroke anytime our youth group was dropped off at the nearest mall and told to talk to others about Jesus. I’d always keep an eye on the nearest trash in case I needed to puke.

Several years past before I realized, while this way of sharing about God can be great for others, it doesn’t fit who I am. And that’s okay.

I am the type of person who likes to grab a cup of coffee or answer questions or tell stories about what God has done in my life.

I’m looking at this graphic now, and am reminded that my mountain may look different from another person’s mountain. It may be smaller and quieter, but it’s just as important. It’s just as good.

And that’s okay :)

Happy first Advent everyone!

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