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What will your story look like?

(Over the halfway point to NaNoWriMo! And I reached my first goal! I FINALLY finished line editing for RBRP. I celebrated with chocolate–as all celebrations should go. Keep going guys, you can do it!)

The quote below is from Doctor Who, the cult BBC show about a man traveling throughout space and time keeping the balance of good and evil. If you’re into science fiction or good stories–definitely worth the watch.

Why bring it up?We're_all_storiesThe finale to season 8 aired not too long ago and I also finally had the chance to catch up. And I loved it. (don’t worry–no spoilers! ;) I love grey characters and I love secrets and lies and I love when inner feelings don’t match with outer actions.

All ingredients used for story telling…and for day to day living.

As much as we love our blacks and whites, the world isn’t so neatly packaged. The more birthdays I pass, the more I’m convinced I’m living in a shades-of-grey world. We hide our feelings, pretend we’re fine, keep the truth because we think we’re doing right.

I pray that in the end, I will find I’ve lived a good story. That all the plot twists and hard decisions and tiny moral actions and wading through the grey added up to something beautiful I can be proud of.

I hope your story will too.

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