What kind of edit do you need?

Since I’m still in the editing stages of my RBRP manuscript and wrote a post about it recently, I thought this post by Elsie Elmore was helpful. It’s a brief overview of different types of edits, and useful for ANY type of editing–a paper, thesis, proposal, a novel…

Elsie Elmore

Photo Credit: Flickr by Nic McPhee Photo Credit: Flickr by Nic McPhee

Over the past year, I’ve learned that the word edit is complex. It’s a verb and noun, a punishment and a blessing. It refers to major overhauls and precise tinkering. But when you send your work to a CP or editors, there are two general types of editing you can ask for:

Developmental edit: Following the completion of a rough draft or second draft, a new set of eyes to read over the work and look for big issues like plot holes, pacing, characterization issues, and story flow is very helpful. This will give you an opportunity to get feedback on the basic story line. The real meat and potatoes of your writing.

Line edit: This edit should come much later… after you’ve addressed the flagged sections by either rewriting or deleting them. The focus here is on the grammar and mechanics of your work. After you’ve combed through…

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