Y: $5 to Amazon for YOU #AtoZBlogging

YI couldn’t really think of anything awesome for “Y” besides drawing a cartoon yak. Which is only awesome if you’re half-asleep. So I thought I’d fanangle this letter into one last giveaway. Not very big, but hey! at least it sort-of starts with a Y now, right?


Post a comment below. The giveaway begins today, Tuesday, April 29th and closes tomorrow 12pm EST on Wednesday, April 30th, when the A to Z challenge is finished. I will use a random number generator–the corresponding blog commenter will be the winner of the ereader copy. (If the email you use to comment is not how you want me to contact you, make sure you leave another way!)

Congrats to Kate Lansing for winning!!

Anyhoo. Forgive me for not being more creative than this. But at least one of you can win free monies!

7 thoughts on “Y: $5 to Amazon for YOU #AtoZBlogging”

  1. $5 from Amazon sounds great — that’s enough for a book, which I’m always up for! And, FYI, I’d be interested in seeing your drawing of a cartoon yak, although that might still be the exhaustion from PPWC talking ;)

    1. Book money is always a wonderful thing :) lol, I know what you mean. I’m STILL having trouble getting up. And then I stare at my laptop going “I know what I need to do.” My mind is so tired and stuffed I’m having trouble doing it!

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