V is for villain #AtoZChallenge

VV is for villain. The idea for this letter came Richard Robert’s guest post for his new book, Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain.

I may have more character crushes on and cheer for the heroic types, but all my favorite characters are villains. My favorite villain of all time? She comes from the Harry Potter series and is none other than:Umbridge_Office

Professor Umbridge.

She’s so awful. But what makes her so awful is the evilness wrapped in pink fluffy sweaters and lace doilies and mewing porclein kitty plates and a soft spoken voice. All details you might associate with a cute Southern grandmother baking cookies, not an vile woman practically spitting venom. A lesson in creating characters . . . .

I love her.

8 thoughts on “V is for villain #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Wow, Umbridge? Really? I always HATED her. But I guess that’s what makes a good villain. I prefer Voldemort though if we’re talking Harry Potter. But you are right, a good villain is enjoyable. I aslo enjoy a good anti-hero. =)

  2. I agree…my favorite character on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” is Regina, the Evil Queen…great villains are so fun to watch or read about, that we end up loving them for it…

    1. Ooo- she’s great. She’s up there for me. Her and Rumple, especially when we can root for them and Snow White is being stupid and I want to migraine-smack her in the head

    1. LOL- right??? I think it’s the fact that she wears pink. If she wore purple or green, I could live with that. But pink? No. Pink is now the new evil color.

  3. Umbridge is seriously my favorite villain of all time too! She’s just so amazingly evil in every awful thing she does. And, yes, I love that she wears pink, loves kittens, and seems so innocent! Great post!

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