R is for Dear Randy, an open letter to the husbter #AtoZBlogging

RDear Randy,

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been hunched over my laptop even more than usual lately, it’s because I’ve been participating in this crazy A to Z blog challenge. Today’s letter is “R”. Today’s post is for you.vintage_envelope

I want to publicly say thank you for being my man because everyone needs to know how amazing you’ve been to me. Thank you for doing backbends to clear time for me to write. Thank you for the hours spent working and re-working our budget so we can afford to buy paint. Thank you for rubbing my back and praying and sitting with me for days when the migraine pain is worst.

Thank you for being the sexiest guy alive ;) Thank you for not complaining when I, um, forget to leave out meat in a meal. Or when that meal goes south. Beyond Antartica south.

I know we get teased that we act like seven- more than twenty-odd year olds, what with our poking and odd-jokes and Pun Point games. Thank you for being the mature one and being the first to apologize after we fight.

Thank you for loving me more than I deserve.

You’re my favorite.

I love you,

6 thoughts on “R is for Dear Randy, an open letter to the husbter #AtoZBlogging”

    1. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded…especially when the dishes don’t get done and the budget not completely balanced. It’s easy to lose perspective :)

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