Live the Creative Life: Free Chalkboard Sign

Following my last post on facing the fear of the blank/white page, I thought it fitting to giveaway this chalkboard sign:

the_creative_lifeI tried to make this one a little more gender neutral. I promise to make a more masculine sign! I will succeed! Again, this is free to whomever wants it. I have a slightly bigger size, so holler if you want that one. (Well, maybe not literally. Sound doesn’t travel through my computer pixels as of this decade. Unless you record it. But I digress.)

Creativity is not about being right or wrong.

It’s about being brutally honest with the world. It’s about seeing surroundings with fresh eyes. It’s about living a life so beautiful we reflect Divine, eternal beauty through us. It’s about becoming, for a moment, transcendent and infinite and feeling wholly and truly loved because that’s what we are and, for a moment, we believe it.

Fearless creativity helps us become more fully human.

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