An open letter to my non-writer friends – inside the cluttered mind of a writer

Loved this :)

Lori Prima


Communicating with us can sometimes feel like you’re staring at a broken pay phone

We’re different. We think that you like us because of that. But there’s times that you just look at us like we’re crazy. To tell you the truth, we are just a little bit crazy. Maybe not quite certifiable, but just enough to the left of reality to make you wonder what is going on in our minds. So let me tell you a little more about why we are the way we are.

Writers hold onto memories like other people collect things. We store them away because they always come in handy when we’re writing. Need a good villain? Let me just put my hand into this grab bag and pull something out. While others have dust bunnies, writers have plot bunnies.

We seem scatterbrained – because we are scatterbrained. I mean, if you…

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