Art Reflection for Advent: Week 2

may_we_with_willing_feet“As with Gladness, Men of Old” was written by William Chatterton Dix. This phrase comes from the second stanza. While there isn’t a ton of information about Mr. William, we do know the hymn was penned during the season of Epiphany.

This photo is part of a series I created for Advent. Advent is a time to pause. To slow down and look forward to future events

With wonder.
With Joy.
With hope.
And receive mercy.

Here is the full second stanza of “As with Gladness, Men of Old”:

As with joyful steps they sped
To that lowly manger bed
There to bend the knee before
Him Whom Heaven and earth adore;
So may we with willing feet
Ever seek Thy mercy seat.

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